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State of the Nation: Exchanges on Homelessness
State of the Nation: Exchanges on Homelessness
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On April 8-9th 2017, the Museum of Homelessness launches its first major program at the Tate Modern in London. Homelessness is on the rise across the UK – a 102% increase in rough sleeping alone since 2010 – but is poorly understood despite the lessons it can teach us about society.


The Museum mourns the passing of Jimmy Carlson OBE

State of the Nation 2017

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About Us

Homelessness has always existed. It has a history and is alive on the streets today. But the stories of homeless people and the lesson they teach us about society have often been hidden. Recent years have seen many more people experience homelessness in the UK. Rough sleeping is up 102% from 2010 and the number of families with children in temporary accommodation has also increased significantly over the same period. As we see more movement between countries, migration has become an increasingly important part of the story.

Collection and Archive

The Museum of Homelessness has a small but growing collection of objects and archival records drawn from various organisations, individuals and through its projects.

This section of the site contains a monthly selection of an object or story chosen by a member of the MoH community and although not publicly accessible they can be viewed on request.

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