This Stuff Matters!

This Stuff Matters!
11th October 2017 Tess Hudak

This Stuff Matters (09 December, 2pm to 5pm)

Sitting in a lock-up somewhere in London is a hidden history of homelessness and housing in the UK. This is a history that shows us what has happened on the streets, in hostels, in politics and in people’s lives over the last 70 years. We believe This Stuff Matters and hope you do too.

On 09 December the Museum of Homelessness This Stuff Matters crew along with Streets Kitchen took over the gallery at Islington Central Library to share some of it with the public. Our team chose 6 special items from the archive that they think offer us something to think about today.

What to Expect

This was be a colourful sharing of recent homelessness history that raises questions about what is happening today. Featuring visual archive presentations, conversation and hands on activity, we will use historical records, news, maps and photography as an inspiration for sharing the stories of housing and homelessness. Specially curated by team MoH, this is the first time we have shared these items.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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