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The Museum of Homelessness is being developed by people from all walks of life, including those who have been homeless. Our community explores the art, history and culture of homelessness to make a difference for homeless people today. The first museum of its kind in the UK, we make the invisible visible through collecting, research, events and exhibitions. We do not yet have a building, so we are working with partners to produce our public programme.

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Homelessness has always existed. It has a history and is alive on the streets today. But the stories of homeless people and the lesson they teach us about society have often been hidden. Recent years have seen many more people experience homelessness in the UK. Rough sleeping has increased by over 100% since 2010 and the number of families with children in temporary accommodation has also increased significantly over the same period. As we see more movement between countries, migration has become an increasingly important part of the story.

The UK’s first Museum of Homelessness is dedicated to responding to these challenges. Our aims are to promote understanding, tolerance and a new way for people to learn about homelessness through research, collecting and public engagement.

We are a small community who meet regularly and are currently located on a social housing estate in Victoria, London. From MoH HQ we bring together volunteers and community members to research the history of homelessness, discuss and present stories, objects and art to help people understand each other better.

Read our first ever annual review here (July 16 – June 17)

Our values are:
Open, self-aware, empathetic, respectful, questioning and spirited

Registered Charity No. 1164091

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