Ten Articles to Read

Homelessness has been rising year upon year for the last seven years, these ten articles provide a snapshot of the latest figures, stories and responses to the State of the Nation today.

The Big Picture


Legal Definition of Homelessness

An introduction to the legal definitions of homelessness as provided by the homelessness charity Shelter.


Homelessness Reduction Bill Becomes Law

In April 2017 new measures were introduced to ensure local authorities can provide more meaningful support to people. The bill receives cross party support and has been hailed by homelessness charities yet there is not a date for it to come into force.


More Than 250,000 are Homeless in England

At the turn of 2017, Shelter release statistics showing huge numbers of hidden homeless people, the government claims to not recognise these figures.

Art and Activism


Anti Homeless Spikes Removed After Someone Covered Them with Cushions

Anti homeless spikes have appeared in cities around the UK over the last few years. Controversial, unpopular and divisive, this article describes the actions of one person who took matters into their own hands in Manchester.


The Displaced Tenants Paying the True Cost of an Inhumane Housing Policy

This article responds to ground breaking research conducted by Focus E-15 and researchers Kate Hardy and Tom Gillespie. The research explores the effects of displacement, out of borough placements and demonstrates the affects of the housing crisis on the lives of ordinary people.


Museums with Ideas, Goals, and Sometime Art, but Walls? No.

Formerly homeless artist David Tovey joins forces with the Museum of Homelessness and a number of other new organisations are highlighted in this article about a new wave of socially aware museums.

State of the Nation


 The Story of Spice, the Street Drug that’s Not Going Away

The impact of legal highs on the homelessness population has been devastating in recent years. Vice highlights the shocking impacts of the history and present day realities of the street drug Spice.


9,000 Ex-Service Personnel Homeless After Leaving the Military

One in ten people sleeping rough in the UK have served in our armed forces. This article gives more insight into another disturbing trend.


Deportation Accusations

In early 2017 a row erupted over claims that rough sleepers are being removed from the country unfairly. The dispute centres on powers the Home Office is using and this article offers a response to the criticisms from one of the homelessness charities who have been implicated in the row.


Round in Circles

Jeremy Hayden writes in the Pavement about his experiences of being homeless and the ever present problems of mental health and drug addiction he had on the streets. This article investigates why his experience is so common.

To hear personal stories of homelessness, see Objects & Their Stories.