We have a home!

We have a home!
9th September 2016 will

We have moved into Smallworks which is a space for people who want to make positive change. We are very excited to have our first home and even more delighted that the office is in the basement of a Peabody Estate.

Our small team of volunteers has ambitious plans for the next three years. Now that we have a base with collection storage and workshop space we will properly begin our unique approach to making a museum. We are setting up a collections panel in response to offers that we are receiving from across the UK. We will launch our public programme in Tate’s new Switch House building in early 2017 and we’ve collectively decided the themes, events and installations for that programme – full announcement due soon. Our collection and programme will be built around themes of faith & belief, enterprise, creativity and control. We will explore the sad, the humorous and the inspirational sides of homelessness, the policies and their impact, the people and the places.

After two years of research and consultation, we can’t wait to get started.

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