State of the Nation at Tate Liverpool – 22-28 Jan 2018

State of the Nation at Tate Liverpool – 22-28 Jan 2018
26th July 2017 Jessica Turtle

Between 22 and 28 January, the Museum of Homelessness (MoH) presented State of the Nation again at Tate Liverpool. A snapshot of what’s really happening round the country, State of the nation comes at the end of a year-long creative exploration into the homelessness crisis that grips the UK. 


Art and installations – ALL WEEK:

Frequently Asked Questions: a project developed by Anthony Luvera and Gerald McLaverty, that presented research about support and services available to homeless people through a series of questions. The work mapped the realities faced by the most marginalised individuals across the UK as they attempt to access systems of care.

A Soldier’s Story: An installation by artist David Tovey that shares the stories of former military personnel who have experienced homelessness. Ex-service personnel account for one in ten rough sleepers across the UK.


Tuesday 23rd January (2pm-4pm)

Rough Justice: A public discussion that explored the broader picture for homelessness in the UK for both Liverpool and beyond. This event came at a time when numbers sleeping rough are rising across the UK. Numbers in Liverpool have seen an increase of almost 20% in people asking for help. This event was be delivered in partnership with Liverpool Salon. Speakers include Anthony Luvera, Dr Ruth Patrick, Rob Farnos, Julie Fadden, Dave Clements and Pauline Hadaway.

Thursday 25th January (2pm-3.30pm)

A Soldier’s Story Workshop: David Tovey ran a workshop that will introduce the public to his installation, A Soldier’s Story. Attendees heard about the work and learnt about how homelessness affects the lives of many ex-servicemen.

Friday 26th January (2pm-5pm)

State of the Nation Conversations: Activists and artists discussed the major issues for homelessness in 2017 and 2018 and how their activity can help. Attendees heard about projects from the Museum of Homelessness, Liverpool based photographer Tony Mallon and Anthony Luvera. Capping the day the was the Manchester squatting collective Established Beyond who presented an immersive documentary of the resurgence of Manchesters Squat Scene from the Cornerhouse and beyond.


Saturday 27th January

Choir with No Name: The Choir with No Name came together for an afternoon of singing and music on Saturday 27 January. The Choir with No Name is a choir for people affected by homelessness and other adults who may be at risk due to mental health, addiction, recovery, or otherwise socially isolated and marginalised.

All weekend

Exchanges: As part of State of the Nation, Exchanges took place happening throughout the weekend. Exchanges is a collection of objects and stories from across the UK  that offer a snapshot of what’s happening in people’s lives and homelessness throughout the UK. Testimonies were shared throughout the weekend.



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