What Can Theatre do about Housing?

What Can Theatre do about Housing?
8th September 2017 Jessica Turtle


Between May and July Museum of Homelessness teamed up with Cardboard Citizens to explore some Raw Truths about housing and homelessness.

On 22nd July MoH wrapped up the series of events by taking part in this remarkable symposium organised by Cardboard Citizens – What Can theatre do about housing?

We asked what a museum can do, exploring the Steph Evans paste-up from our collection and creating a new one to reflect housing and homelessness in the 21st century. The new paste-up will be appearing in due course.

At a time when the housing crisis is continuing unabated, Participants took part in practical workshops, creative presentations and interactive sessions led by those working on the frontline of the housing crisis .

Cardboard Citizens have made up a brilliant video from the day that you can check out below.

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