MoH Annual Review 2016-17

MoH Annual Review 2016-17
21st February 2018 Jessica Turtle

We are delighted to be able to share our first ever Annual Review and offer a big thanks to all of our supporters, friends and everyone who makes what we do possible. The review offers a snapshot of our first full year as a charity and the work we did between July 2016 and June 2017.

And what a year it was, it included our first ever launch event held on the 50 year anniversary of the release of Cathy Come Home. It also saw the launch of our State of the Nation campaign. Find out about this and so much more by reading it here.

Since our very early days back in 2014, we have gone from being a mere idea to having offices, charitable status, a community of volunteers and a programme that takes place in day centres, theatres and major art galleries. All of this has been set against a backdrop of wider change. Since we first thought of the museum, Britain has decided to leave the EU, general elections have divided the country and homelessness has risen sharply. The need for tolerance and understanding has never been greater and the support we’ve received for MoH demonstrates how positive change is possible.

We hope you enjoy the read, and will stay with us on the journey as we continue to try and make change in the future.



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  1. Thumser 4 years ago

    Tess Hudak, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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