We Need You!

We Need You!
1st October 2019 Jessica Turtle

We are seeking Allies and Champions.

Become a regular supporter of our work to help us:

  • Provide more creative paid work, bursaries, mentoring and training for people affected by homelessness
  • Continue our independent, research driven projects such as The Dying Homeless Project and Objectified
  • Grow and care for MoH’s collection and archive. These precious records date back to the 1950s and include unique items that are vital to us understanding how to prevent homelessness today.

“It’s really made me think about who I am. I always used to feel like a foreigner here, but now after this I’m thinking of myself as part of this community in the UK”  MoH Catalyst participant, 2018

Our regular giving scheme:

Allies – £10 per month. Over the year you could fund creative paid work for a person with an experience of homelessness for one day.
Champions – £50 per month. Over the year you could fund 6 days of investigation for the Dying Homeless Project.

“I’d also like to say thanks for the paid work. Getting back into paid employment – ideally work of interest to the individual – is one of the milestones for many people on the journey from homelessness to ‘normality’ (for want of a better word/sentence), and it can be a very tricky milestone to travel through.” MoH Community Member, 2017

To begin donating regularly please click here.

Why are we asking for support?

We have been overwhelmed with the love we have received in our four year journey so far. We are asking for money from our supporters for the first time because as MoH grows, we don’t want to be wholly reliant on grant funding and we won’t take public money (central or local government). This is because it could conflict with our independent work with, by and for people who are homeless and our ability to speak out on behalf of our community.

“I will exploit every opportunity to champion the rights and empower homeless people to influence the decision making and the shape of the services available to them.” Public Health Commissioner, 2018, after experiencing Museum of Homelessness Object Stories

Having worked nationally for the last couple of years, we are at a really exciting point, putting down roots temporarily in The Outside Project’s Community Centre and seeking our own building in the longer term which will be a home for people affected by homelessness as well as a home for our collection.

To work towards this, as well as keeping our current activity going, we need your help. Our Allies and Champions will be the lifeblood of MoH’s future. We won’t hold exclusive events or do membership benefits like other museums – exclusivity is not our way. But we will invite you to come and spend time with us at our events and we would love you to stay in touch. We would like to get to know you and hope you will be part of our movement for change, in the midst of deeply divided and chaotic times.

To begin donating regularly please click here

Thank you.


Notes on our finances

We are a tiny grassroots charity and we keep things really lean financially. Only 11% of our expenditure is on running costs such as insurance and office rent, compared to 40% in other charities our size. (source: Channel 4 fact check)

There are no large salaries or big overheads. Nor do we spend money on fundraising or marketing. Our funds go on making amazing creative and heritage activity, campaigning for change and supporting our community members with paid work, bursaries or essentials like travel costs.

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