Standing in Solidarity

Standing in Solidarity
6th November 2019 Jessica Turtle

MoH has signed this letter put together by our friends at the Public Interest Law Centre, Liberty, Migrant Rights Network & others. It calls on on London local authorities to protect the rights of migrant rough sleepers.

As part of our wider work, we have been researching the devastating impact of the hostile environment and we hope local authorities will sign up and put these pledges into action.

This work follows on from our July summer statement asking local authorities not to share the personal information of migrants sleeping out with the Home Office.

Read the full letter here and show your support.

Other Reading

This campaign is connected a wider effort involving many groups and campaigners, some further reading includes:

Background to the Public Interest Law Centre’s campaign against the Home Office

Liberty’s Gracie Bradley writes about why councils must resist being coerced by the Home Office to be complicit in the Hostile Environment

Media attention including a recent article by the Guardian highlighting how the Home Office has paid religious groups to work with them.

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