Truths of the Last 10 Years – events postponed

Truths of the Last 10 Years – events postponed
16th January 2020 Jessica Turtle

UPDATE: We have had to postpone these sharing events due to the coronavirus situation.

How has the homelessness crisis developed and what can we do about it? What does it feel like to be affected by inequality today? And how are people taking action and supporting each other?

Truths of the Last 10 Years is a micro exhibition hosted inside the old Fire Station at Clerkenwell.  Taking place in the Outside Project’s LGBTQI+ community centre, it has been created by a range of groups and people who have come together to support each other at a time when homelessness is at an all time high.

Offering a poignant mix of personal reflections and evidence that reveals how the homelessness crisis happened, this micro exhibition highlights the resistance of groups in London and beyond showing how personal and collective action in the last ten years has been life saving for so many of society’s most marginalised people.

This key focus on the stories of the groups who share the centre and their work to tackle injustice offers us glimpses of what we can all do at the start of a new decade. Each group was founded during the last 5 years.

Truths of the Last 10 Years is the first exhibition created through our joint creative residency with Queerseum. Working together, our crews have worked with people in the space to create displays and share objects which explore the last decade and points of connection between people who have faced different struggles in that time.

Until recently we had planned to host monthly sharing events but are now unable to because of the coronavirus outbreak. We are currently re-directing all our efforts to supporting people on the ground and campaigning for action. You can find out more in our coronavirus update here.


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