Building needed!

Building needed!
22nd June 2020 Jessica Turtle

Museum of Homelessness is seeking a building of our own to:

  • Carry on our essential direct work with our community as the crisis continues
  • Restart our groundbreaking creative work and research
  • Continue our award winning campaigning
  • House our one of a kind collection

A museum for the 21st century – the story so far

In the last 5 years we have relied upon the generosity of other museums and our friends the Outside Project for space. We have worked in hostels and day centres, in community centres and on the streets.

During lockdown, with Streets Kitchen, we took over a small community centre in Islington. We have served our community for 105 days straight and counting. We have delivered thousands of meals and been on the streets daily with essential supplies and a friendly ear.

In July, we need to give the taskforce hub back for community use, but we don’t want to stop. We want to build on everything we’ve done and also kick-start work collecting and documenting the impact of COVID-19 on our community. We want to offer creative paid work to our community as well as volunteering opportunities. We want to continue campaigning for a better society.

Can you help us find a sustainable home in North London? email


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  1. […] we are preparing for a huge increase in homelessness as 2020 continues to unfold. We are currently seeking a new base where we can continue our direct work and award winning campaigning and restart our cultural and […]

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