Street Museum Postponed

Street Museum Postponed
31st October 2020 Jessica Turtle
Streetmuseum in London is postponed due to second lockdown.
5 white plinths are displayed on a London street with objects on them. Two people smile for the camera in the outdoor street museum.

Museum of Homelessness Street Museum. September 2020
Photocredit: Daniela Sbrisny

Street Museum is currently not happening due to the late October announcement about second lockdown.

When can I visit?

Before lockdown, we were hosting Streetmuseum between Thursday 12 – 2pm. We will re-open as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Where is it?

At Highbury Corner, Islington, Opposite the Famous Cock pub.

Is it safe?

Streetmuseum is currently postponed due to the national lockdown. When we are operating we regularly risk assess StreetMuseum and have COVID-19 measures in place. As it is an outdoor display, it is safer than an indoor gallery.

What do you do?

In non-lockdown times, #StreetMuseum is the usual place for our community. It is an anchor in the week, at a time when isolation is a problem. We do not have a building at the moment so we meet for a couple of hours on the street and share our museum collection with our visitors and passers by. We ensure we are keeping to social distancing/gathering rules and following all the most recent COVID19 guidelines.

On Thursdays we also carry out #StreetSolidarity which means we take hot meals out to people who are living or working at street level in Holloway, Upper Street and Angel. Thanks to St Mary’s Mutual Aid who are providing the hot meals, which is essential as we do not currently have a base.

What are you doing instead of Streetmuseum?

During the first lockdown in the spring 2020, MoH ran a streetwork operation taking food and other essentials to people on the streets and in temporary accommodation in Islington. We called this the COVID-19 Homeless Taskforce. Stay tuned for updates about what we will be doing this winter as we enter the second lockdown.

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