Dying Homeless Project Coalition & Death Cafe Events

Dying Homeless Project Coalition & Death Cafe Events
23rd November 2020 Jessica Turtle

Museum of Homelessness launches Dying Homeless Project events

Dying Homeless Project Death Cafes

We are also launching two new events in the New Year to provide a safe and confidential space for people to talk about death. Homelessness touches people’s lives in different ways and sadly far too often we lose people. In our recent survey of Autumn 2019, many respondents expressed a wish to have a space to talk about death and loss. Regular Dying Homeless death cafes will provide a space for us all to confidentially explore death and loss and remember people we have lost. You may work or volunteer in homelessness or you may be homeless or have been homeless. All are welcome and you can also find our set of grief resources for the events here

Dying Homeless Coalition

The Museum of Homelessness has formed and launched the Dying Homeless Project Coalition, bringing together individuals, groups and organisations with the common goal of campaigning to prevent deaths of people who are homeless and providing space for learning. The group has already began it’s campaigning and in early January issued a statement to push for Everyone In, to be reinstated.

This first meeting of the Coalition took place on 14th December 2020. If you are interested in joining the coalition to work with people around the UK to campaign for change, get in touch and we’ll invite you to the next meeting.

Upcoming event dates and timings are:

Dying Homeless Project Death café (online), 5.30pm – 7pm on 27th January on zoom

Next Coalition meeting, next meeting on 03 Feb 2021.

What is it?

The Dying Homeless Project is a memorial space and ongoing project to remember people who have died whilst they are homeless. The coalition will be an ongoing series of events and people are welcome to come to one or more events should they wish.

How it will work?

In October we asked our community for feedback on how a network would work and what is needed. There were alot of ideas and the coalition will be shaped by what people want. The first meeting will share findings and ideas and will lay the ground for more work in 2021.

How to attend

Further details about each event and how to register can be found on the eventbrite links below.

Dying Homeless Project Death café (online), 5.30pm – 7pm on 27th January

Please do get in touch to discuss anything (miranda@museumofhomelessness.org)

NB: We had planned to host an ‘in person’ death cafe event but took the decision to postpone this in light of the major incident declared in London on 8th Jan 2021 and the national lockdown announcement on 4th Jan 2021.

To find out more

Since it was launched by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in late 2017, the Dying Homeless project has uncovered injustices, remembered people with love and dignity and helped push for change.

The Coalition is part of the Museum of Homelessness’ Dying Homeless Project. You can find out more about the project here:


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