THANK YOU to the legends of Secret Museum

THANK YOU to the legends of Secret Museum
8th November 2021 Jessica Turtle
Secret Museum by Museum of Homelessness November 2021

The Secret Museum is 11 days of wonder as the Museum of Homelessness searches for its own permanent base, this moment has come and gone. As I write these words it is already packed up and ‘moved on’.

This is a museum with objects and object stories at the very heart of it, rather than a museum which happens to have objects inside it. The objects and their stories are tethered together, they are inseparable, the connection is what gives them their power.”

Tincture of Museum blog.

(Photocredit: Lucinda MacPherson)

Secret Museum was an immersive exhibition which ran from 27th October 2021 to 6th November. It had three parts to it – an outdoor experience, an indoor experience with objects and stories of the pandemic and a reflective debrief. It was a production which was made by many people. Our aim was first and foremost to make something that enabled our community to be proud of who we are, what we do and what we have overcome.

Secret Museum was completely booked out by the third day of the run and was named one of Time Out’s Top Ten things to do in London for the time it was on.

It is very well described from the audience point of view in these two beautiful pieces of writing:

The Secret Museum, Museum of Homelessness, Nov 2021 – Tincture of Museum (

Secret Museum | Museum of Homelessness – Museums Association

Museum of Homelessness is extremely lucky to have a significant community of talented creative people who made Secret Museum what it was.

Eternal thanks to these legends of the Secret Museum:

creative associates:

Anthony Luvera, Ali Pottinger, Bekki, Ben Garcia, Ben Smithies, Benji Lain, Bullring Bash, Caroline Richardson, Chloe Todd Fordham , Dani C, David Tovey, Elske Waite, Gary Birdsall, Jacob V. Joyce, Jess Turtle, Jo Galbraith, Joshua Josef, Josh Pharo (lighting design), John Priestley, Katie Langford, Kerry Norridge, Lauren Rhodes, Lisa Ogun, Matt Turtle, Miranda Keast, Nathan Cummins, Nell Hardy, Paul Atherton , Samir Jeraj, sean burn, Streetcamper, Tony McBride, Paul, Claire, Simone, Mackenzie , Isabel, Maurice, Angela, Hanna, Pooks, Gary, Liz, Miranda, Kate, Hazmo, Bikram, Alan, Rona, Liz, Marta, Liza, Lucinda, Natalie, Mr Manchester (John P), Fliss, Andrea, Rachel, Harvey, Mona.

production allies:

Andy Mann, Alastair Murray , Giles, Beth and Euchar from St. Johns Waterloo, NDT Broadgate, Liberty, especially Lara Ten Caten, Matt Lewis and Tom Simmons at Royal College of Art, Members of the Dying Homeless Project Coalition, The Donmar Warehouse, Public Interest Law Centre, Reece McMahon, Sam Miller, Sophie Ahmad, Sophie Wills-Virk at Shelter, Showerbox, Streets Kitchen, Street Storage, The Gate Theatre, The Magpie Project, The Outside Project, The Simon Community, The Union Chapel, Tricky Period, Wajid Yasee

Secret Museum was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and was also supported by the Isla Foundation and the Civic Arts Award from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Eternal gratitude to our object donors who shall remain anonymous.

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