National vigil to remember people who died homeless on 31 March

National vigil to remember people who died homeless on 31 March
14th March 2022 Jessica Turtle

We are announcing our national vigil due to remember people who died whilst experiencing homelessness. We will gather to remember the many hundreds of people dying whilst homeless, and we will be publishing the findings of our 2021 investigation into the deaths of people who are homeless and updating our online memorial that week. Please join us to remember everyone who died with love.

When and where

The vigil will take place between 6pm and 8pm on 31 March opposite the gates of Downing Street SW18 2AB, We will gather on the other side of the road on Whitehall, close to the Montgomery statue. This is a peaceful occasion of rememberance, please do bring a candle with you.

If you are unable to come in person, please do post a candle image on social media with the following hastag or post one on social media: #MakeThemCount

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

MoH camera and filming policy

We understand that images and social media are a part of everyday life, but many people in our community are understandably nervous of being captured on camera or being seen on social media. We ask that all our event attendees be mindful of this and only take pictures of people with express permission asked and given. This relates to any person identifiable in shot or in the background, thank you.


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