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Founded in 2015, Museum of Homelessness (MoH) is a community driven social justice museum, created and run by people with direct experience of homelessness.

MoH tackles homelessness and housing inequality by amplifying the voices of its community through research, events, workshops, campaigns and exhibitions. MoH also provides direct support – bursaries, mentoring, training and practical support – to its community members.

Together we collect and share the art, history and culture of homelessness & housing inequality to change society for the better. Together we find hope in deeply divided and difficult times.

What our people say:

“It’s had a huge impact on me, on my self esteem. From a few years ago, when I felt invisible, like people didn’t’ see me. When I was in trouble before, people just said ‘oh I’m sorry’ but now I feel like I’ve met people who really care. So its really changed how I feel about myself, when you’re homeless, you feel very isolated…”

Read our first ever annual review here (July 16 – June 17)

Read our most recent annual review here (July 18 – June 19)

Registered Charity No. 1164091

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Our Journey

Since we launched in 2016, MoH has worked around the UK bringing together volunteers, people affected by homelessness, community members and artists to research the history of homelessness, discuss and present stories, objects and art to help people understand each other better.

Here are some highlights from the journey so far:

Co-founders Matt and Jess and collaborating artist David Tovey are featured in the New York Times, to highlight State of the Nation, our first ever launch event and campaign launched in 2017.

Co-founder Jess talks about soup, the history of the grassroots scene of care and her own story when she met JP on Saturday Morning Live back in March 2017

A long read with Inside Housing on the journey of MoH and the hidden history of homelessness.

Co-founder Jess talks to the Canary’s Steve Topple about MoH bringing the State of the Nation campaign to Liverpool in early 2018.

Film-maker Dorothy Allen-Pickard blends story-telling with science and discussion with the MoH core group, as part of this docu-drama on our Manchester Objectified project. The film was released in late 2018.

MoH’s campaigning work on deaths of people who are homeless secures widespread national and regional coverage in summer 2019.


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