The Asbo 2017

The Asbo, 2017

“People who I’ve spoken to who are not familiar with homelessness dynamics, I don’t know what the word is, are often shocked to hear that this is a sort of thing that is happening, or don’t understand why people are in that situation. So it’s a two way…but most people are angered when they find out that this is what’s being implemented rather than support. The energy is being spent on the criminal justice system and punishing people rather than supporting them to not fall into that position.” 

In this video a Street Outreach worker describes a person being given an Asbo by a police officer while they were sitting on the street together.

Our heartfelt thanks to the donor of this object, who remains anonymous. This film was directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard, the Creative Directors were Tony McBride and Jess and Matt Turtle. The object story was performed by Elle Payne. The object photography was by Anthony Luvera, 2017.





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