The Baccy, 2018

Museum of Homleessness collection item packet of tobacco

The Baccy, 2018

An object donated to the Museum of Homelessness collection in 2018.

What is it like to be seriously ill and a migrant living on the streets without documentation? Why would a person get called ‘posh homeless’ in the street community? And according to this person’s story, what is the number one thing that helps people who are street homeless smile on a cold winter morning?

In 2018, a packet of tobacco was given to the Museum of Homelessness, along with a story about why it is important and what it represents. This video is a short performance of what the object means, in the words of the person who gave it.

Our heartfelt thanks to the donor of this object, who remains anonymous. This film was directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard, the Creative Directors were Tony McBride and Jess and Matt Turtle. The object story was performed by Ben Smithies. The object photography was by Steve Bright Creative


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