The Bottle, 2018

The Bottle, 2018

Donated by a resident of London, performed by Lisa Ogun.

This bottle, yeah.  This…give me…I wouldn’t know how to put it… I’m not an English person, but I’m just trying to say things that you understand it.  I had an experience, it was my first time with a social services, I don’t even know what that organisation means… So, I got to the office, I told them about my status, and I let them know that my baby is British.  In which they asked some questions about my home in Africa.  I told them everything, but unfortunately for me they said, “no, you are lying”.  I let them understand that they can’t tell my story better than I do, it is my story…My baby is what I’m protecting.

This film was created by Dorothy Allen-Pickard. The film is not subtitled so a version of the script can be downloaded here


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