The Bottle, 2018

The Bottle, 2018

“I am not fraudulent, I am not a lawbreaker, I am just a Mum…”

This baby’s bottle was given to the museum by a woman in London recounting her experiences of being threatened with deportation and separation from her baby. She donated it to the collection and shares her experiences with us. Our heartfelt thanks to the donor of this object, who remains anonymous. This film was directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard, the Creative Directors were Tony McBride and Jess and Matt Turtle. The object story was performed by Lisa Ogun. The object photography was by Steve Bright Creative.


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  1. Beena Khan 10 months ago

    This is so heartbreaking to watch . I know how it feels to be humiliated just because you were not born in Britain. I can fully empathise with this mum as I am that mum too. The struggle never ends. I am sharing this video on social media , hoping someone with a heart care to listen . I am an artist and a mother of three.

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