The Roundabout, 2018

The Roundabout, 2018

“We’ve all got chapters in our lives: childhood; teens; and then, maybe, relationships; then maybe get married; and then maybe looking at family; and then looking at death – they’re all different chapters within somebody’s life. But, the all-encompassing thing is the person, it’s not the label.”

This is the story of being in and out of hospital 23 times in one year;  the roundabout – the back and forth of complicated hospitals, stigma in the system and how you rise above it. This object was given to the museum by recounting experiences of homelessness and the value that can be found in some of the most humble objects. He donated it to the collection and shares his experiences with us. Our heartfelt thanks to the donor of this object, who remains anonymous. This film was directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard, the Creative Directors were Tony McBride and Jess and Matt Turtle. The object story was performed by Ben Smithies. The object photography was by Steve Bright Creative.


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