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Our response to COVID-19 and homelessness

Museum of Homelessness, in partnership with Streets Kitchen and other small groups recently repurposed all of our activity and resource to frontline work and campaigning for our homeless community during this pandemic.

The situation on the ground is changing daily but despite media and public messaging around ‘getting everyone inside’ we think from our work on the streets that there will be a street population throughout this crisis.

Right now, many services remain closed and no public out to give donations, people are hungry, thirsty and scared.

We will be there for our community as long as they need us.

The need right now

Until recently, MoH and Streets Kitchen were operating a taskforce hub in Islington supplying food, supplies and support to people across the borough in emergency accomodation and those left on the streets.
Our hub provided supplies, food and PPE to our sister taskforces in Hackney, Lambeth, Camden and Tower Hamlets.
We had more than 100 amazing taskforce volunteers and we quickly developed methods to deploy them safely for our essential services.
This means having structures for safeguarding, psychological support and PPE. This is not a simple situation, but with our partners we are doing our best to save lives in a scenario which is changing hour by hour.
In July this year the council asked for the community centre we were using back. We are now looking for a new space and carrying out a reduced operation in the meantime. Please support our work as we continue to work with homeless and vulnerable people in London.
To donate to the appeal please click here 

Thank you.

Notes on our finances

We are a tiny grassroots charity and we keep things really lean financially. Only 11% of our expenditure is on running costs such as insurance and office rent, compared to 40% in other charities our size. (source: Channel 4 fact check)

There are no large salaries or big overheads. Nor do we spend money on fundraising or marketing. Our funds go on making amazing creative and heritage activity, campaigning for change and supporting our community members with paid work, bursaries or essentials like travel costs.

Support Our Work

Our supporters

In 2018-2019 we are grateful for the funding and support, given to us by the following organisations:




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